As a Fiduciary advisor, we are obligated to protect our clients from the many hazards of modern business affairs and financial markets. We make sure to carefully examine the quality, transparency and liquidity of invested assets. For us, quality asset selection is paramount.

Kensington A.M.I. is a Fee Only Adviser, we do not work for commissions. Our financial management system is not just about what you own, it’s equally about what you avoid owning. Keeping clients safe from hyper-marketed junk investments is at the core of our methodology. Asset quality, purity, transparency, straightforwardness and professionalism are what we stand for. Kensington A.M.I. LLC is a Fiduciary Advisor, which means we are required to put client interests before our own.

All client assets are held at Custodian Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, a division of Fidelity Investments or qualified third party custodian as directed by client.

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Investment Portfolios

All of our clients have separately managed accounts; we do not believe in pooled interests or non transparent holdings. Client assets are managed to maximize quality, liquidity and performance over time utilizing proprietary methodologies developed over more than 30 years of professional experience. Our investment philosophy emphasizes compounding of Dividends, Income, Growth and Total Return as primary components of our client holdings.

The financial universe is changing rapidly. Each day, we hear about new, exciting and sometimes bewildering financial innovations that invoke our curiosity. From cryptocurrencies to new payment systems and a variety of new financial resources, the pace of financial transformation appears to be accelerating.

The landscape of finance, investing and financial planning will be much different in the coming years than it has been in the past. Part of our role as advisors is to learn, research and understand the nature of financial change and technological innovation and how these factors affect the lives of our clients, the community and our greater society.

At Kensington A.M.I. we are committed to researching and learning as much as possible about the new and exciting world of financial innovation and how our clients may benefit from all these changes.

We invite you to ask us your questions about this new and exciting world of financial innovation.

Investment Style: A Long Term Philosophy

As fiduciary advisors, our long established investment philosophy has always emphasized quality and long term prospective. We remain focused on top global growth and value leaders in the equity markets while holding high grade assets when seeking income from dividend paying stocks and bond type assets. Our Investment Policy Statement declares our commitment to long term prospective based on long established financial planning principles. We usually do not engage in high risk transactions, day trading or any “fast money” strategies. We usually do not use margin or leverage in our investment holdings.

Financial Planning for a More Comprehensive Approach

Customized Financial Plans are available for clients who need a more broad based and comprehensive approach to financial advisory which may comprise all aspects of a client’s financial requirements, including insurance, retirement, education funding, estate planning and charitable objectives.

A Comprehensive Financial Plan may be the wisest way to plot the best course for your financial future. Please contact Kensington AMI for a free Financial Planning consultation

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