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When Your Investment Thing Goes Down

It’s been a long time since stock prices have suffered a bludgeoning like the one we experienced in the fourth quarter of 2018. A whole new generation of investors and traders have never seen a market like this, where it seemed like there was no bottom. The great...

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Trade Tirade: Surgery With a Sledgehammer

Trade War; it’s here. This year, the United States has summarily instituted numerous tariff actions against China the EU, Mexico and even Canada among others. President Trump’s  confrontational trade policies have intentionally upset a long standing world order, one...

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Four Classic Indicators of a Bear Market

A Bear Market is coming, it's only a matter of when. It may be quite a while before it arrives, as bears are known to sleep for a long time. Many investors don't like to think in terms of a Bear Market, defined by a 20% or more decline in the Dow Industrials and other...

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