About Kensington A.M.I.

Kensington A.M.I is Registered Investment Adviser based in the media district of Burbank California. Specializing in Investment Management and Financial Planning for a diverse group of clients, our primary goal is to deliver outstanding long term financial outcomes and ultimate financial security, while giving clients a positive emotional experience on the human level. We are a Fee Only Adviser.

All client assets are held at Custodian Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, a division of Fidelity Investments or qualified third party custodian as directed by client.

In our supervision of client financial and business affairs, which include the management of investment portfolios, bank held assets, Qualified Pension Plans, 401Ks, IRAs, Rollovers, Private Holdings accounts and Annuity-Insurance type holdings, Kensington A.M.I. believes in a conservative, understandable and Holistic style economic philosophy. Our quality-only ethic protects client holdings from the potential harm that certain types of low quality and non transparent investments might cause.

Our goal is financial security and investment success for all of our clients. Chief investment officer Benjamin Lupu, CFP® has more than 30 years of professional, licensed experience advising investors in most every category. Professional and comprehensive financial planning and sophisticated, highly evolved investment management methodologies are how we deliver results.

How Are We Different? Better Relationships

We strive to make our fee structure more fair to clients than many other asset managers and Financial Planners. Unlike some big banks, hedge funds, brokerage firms or other major financial marketers, we do not have a grand corporate agenda, a big advertising budget or huge overhead costs to cover with your money. We are a one on one relationship business. Some of our client relationships span some 25 years. We know costs matter, so we strive to offer clients a break on fees and costs.

Investment Philosophy: “Addition by Subtraction”

In the investment portfolios owned by our clients, we generally do not purchase unlisted assets or any other low grade, illiquid, strange or exotic type investments that might cause harm to client accounts. We prefer to own high quality blue chip class assets that are liquid and transparent. If an investment feels wrong morally and intuitively, we reject it. We like to call this method “Addition by Subtraction”.

Separate Account Management:

Each client’s holdings are customized for their own needs and not pooled with other investors. Client suitability, risk tolerance, income requirements, taxability, and time horizon all carefully considered. Other financial strategies are also available, including more growth oriented portfolios and currency holdings.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive and Investment Specific Financial Planning Plans are available for clients who require a more broad based, complete and thorough approach to their needs. Today’s financial environment is often frustrating and complex; a clear, comprehensive Financial Plan is often the solution. Call us for a free initial consultation.

Why the name “Kensington”?

Kensington Palace is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London England UK. It is also the name of a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Our founder comes from the latter; “a good place to be from”, as they say. The “A.M.I.” stands for “Asset Management International”.